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Q: My sofa cushions have gone flat, can you replace the foam padding? 
A: YES, we replace foam in seat cushions quite often. Because manufacturers use inferior products, cushions will typically last 1-4 years. Replacing the foam in your seat cushions will make your sofa or chair feel like new again, is very affordable and our quality of foam will usually outlast the furniture.

Q: Can you come to my home and provide an estimate?
A: YES. We make house calls to measure & estimate the cost of reupholstery. We would prefer if a fabric is chosen first as the amount of yardage required and cost of fabric play a substantial role in the overall cost, however if you cannot make it to our store, we can bring fabric samples to you.

Q: Do you refinish wood?
A: Unfortunately, NO. We do not refinish wood in-house, however we do work closely with a local refinisher that is very reasonable in cost and provides the same high-quality workmanship as we demand. We prefer to focus on upholstering and providing the highest quality product.

Q: Do you manufacture draperies & shutters?
A: Unfortunately we do not provide these services, however we can refer you to a local drapery manufacturer.

Q: Do you sell foam wedges or bolsters?
A: YES, we can have foam cut to almost any shape & size. Please see our FOAM page for more info.

Q: What is the approximate turn around time for reupholstery?
A: Typical turn around time for projects is two to three weeks, however we provide rush services for those who may need immediate results.

Q: Will you upholster my furniture if I provide my own fabric?
A: YES, However, aside from discounting our fabrics, we provide discounts on labor when fabric is purchased in- house. Before you go out and purchase fabric elsewhere, please contact us for a quote on fabric. Most of the time, you will find that providing your own fabric is not cost effective. For a list of fabrics we sell, please visit our FABRICS page.

Q: Do you upholstery furniture for customers outside your local area?
A: Of Course! We have customers from as far away as Carlsbad, Palm Desert and Beverly Hills.


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